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But don't just take my word for it!


I have missed is real immersion in nature. Really getting out there and into her. I chose Summit Seekers to lead me up Crib Goch for a sun set hike. Carla is a fantastic mountain leader and I am lucky to have such talented friends. I have been up to the top of Snowdon before and I’ve also rock climbed. I, however, have not been up on the ridge before. I won’t lie, i was nervous! It’s no easy feat. Not long into the walk, the visible path seemed to abruptly vanish directly into the sheer rock face.
“So where do we go from here?” I puffed.
“Up” Carla said, casting her finer skyward.
Suddenly I was glad she was with me and that I chosen to attempt my first ridge walk guided because it was looking a little less simple from here on in. Carla was so patient with me when I needed to stop and call upon my yoga breathing to calm my nerves, as I peeped over my shoulder at the 3000ft drop to the lake below. “You’re doing great” she encouraged me on “pop your foot here and grab that hold up there with your right hand”.
Before I knew it I was looking back in absolute awe at the knife edge ridge that we had just traversed. “Nothing will ever be scary again” she chuckled as we scrambled onward to the next section of the climb, across the rest of the mountain and up into the clouds. We cooked up a hot rum toddy in the clouds as we prepared for our descent. Suddenly the mist parted... and there it was, a golden glowing sun set bathing the land in all its majesty.

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