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None of the gear and even less of an idea?  Lets talk kit, what works and what doesn't, what you might need and what's just excess baggage!

New to the idea of camping or simply wanting to take those first steps into a night on the wild side?

It can be tricky navigating your way through the 'top quality' brands and innumerable 'lightweight and packs down small' options available these days.

Not to mention that the lighter and smaller the kit it seems the bigger the £££!

Here at Summit Seekers we have done some of the work for you, that said do not take our word for it!  Why not #trybeforeyoubuy with our rental services.

Teaming up with Alpkit and some other brands we have a good selection of kit available to hire.

Why hire?

1. It is a short term commitment that allows you the flexibility to change your mind.

2. Cheaper while you work out what suits you best.

3. Tried, tested and recommended kit, do feel free to pick our brains before you decide on your set up.

4. No storage requirements - collect on route to your adventure and drop off before you head home.

5. Environmentally friendly - sharing is caring for both your pocket and the planet!

It is a win win situation - take a look below at what we have available and lets build your perfect adventure set up. 

Jaran 2 Uerect.jpg

A lightweight but spacious 2 person tent designed to suit the solo adventurer who enjoys a little extra room to move as well as a dynamic duo happy to share the load and their space.

2 entrances means no scrambling across each other plus porch space for 2 lots of bags.  

Elan Bivvy_edited.jpg

This bivvy bag offers the perfect hybrid option for those wishing to pack light and move fast while enjoying the same comforts offered by using a tent.

Easily giving the best nights sleep on the open mountainside the Elan is roomy enough to let you move about while the hooped hood keeps any bugs and moisture from your face - dont worry there is a meshed front which still lets you fall asleep watching the stars!

Pipedream 400 open_edited.jpg

Staying cosy for a night out on the UK mountains couldn't be easier.

Gone are the days of stuffing huge, heavy sleeping bags into your bag leaving little or no room for anything else - this toasty warm sleeping bag squashes down small and is barely noticeable on your back!

Airo 120 rolled.jpg

A 3/4 length thermal lined sleeping mat that covers all bases and ideal if you want to save space while still get a great nights kip.

Traverse 38L Front.jpg


This super stripped back, no frills but all useful 38 L backpack easily fits all of your wild camping kit and gives you the freedom to move and hike as though wearing a day pack.

Suited to those moving fast, light and with no fuss it wears well, is comfortable and designed to load bear in all the right spaces.

Qark Headtorch.jpg


£34.99 to buy

580 lumen rechargeable head torch. Compatible with AAA batteries for when you’re recharging your battery pack, it’s perfect for running, hiking, climbing and multi-day adventures

Brukit Stove.jpg

A simple, small yet mighty water boiling gas powered cooking system.

It wont be a minute before you are enjoying a hot drink or a simple cook meal.

The perfect size to hold enough water for 2 dehydrated meals and fast enough to have a cuppa brewing before your food is fully cooked through!

Bamboo Cuttlery Roll.jpg

Not everyone enjoys a spork, some of us like to have our cake and eat it with a different utensil!

Or maybe you are happy with a spork - how do you know?  Hire before you acquire!

silkwork sleeping bag liner open.jpg

It is well known the simplest way to ensure you keep your sleeping bag fresh and stinky feet free and adding a few degrees of warmth.

We provide these free at no extra cost when bundling 3 items or more.

*If you are hiring a sleeping bag then it is compulsory to use a liner either provide your own or hire one with the bag.

Something Good to Eat Multi.jpg


There are loads of tasty dehydrated meal options available now but we have aligned ourselves with a company that fulfils all of our requirements from a decent homecooked tasting meal to seriously high sustainability standards.

Well worth checking out these are your go to guys for a good, healthy, vegan mountain meal!

If you buy their food dont forget to grab yourself a thermal pouch too for a piping hot meal every time you adventure.

Or we can just pack your bag and get it ready for you to just load on your back and go?

To book 'The whole kit and kabundle' click here and save stress and money.

Kit Hire: Tours


Do you want us to pack your bag for you?
Need help choosing where to go?

Hire from £31.00
Kit Hire: Welcome
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