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Lock Down to Open Up - Competition Time!

Updated: May 12, 2020

I didn't want to make my first post (Toddler Traverse and a Steep Learning Curve) to be about the current global situation, however there is no point ignoring the enormous elephant that sits in all of our living rooms! plus its completion time ...keep reading to see what you get for nothing more than a quick follow.

So here is a short and brief piece about how my mini tribe and I have been coping with the restrictions and uncertainty that is Covid 19.

Like most adventurous outdoor types the mere idea of having our wings clipped and boundaries significantly shrunk has often woken me from sweat inducing nightmares.

I have always loved big spaces like many of my clients.
Take my gin , take my phone, take my favourite vegan chocolate fudge cake - but DO NOT take my freedom.

And then came Corona, such a pretty name for a heartless beast!

However, not one to get low about lock down I took it as an opportunity. As a mother I appreciate how lucky we are so far not to have come into direct contact with the virus. Our biggest family struggles so far have extended to running dangerously low on toilet paper and finding myself heading the wrong way down a supermarket aisle. In comparison to the many who have suffered irreversably and directly I am humbled and grateful.

Naturally a proactive person I have channelled my adventurous energies into putting together my dream business...guiding hikes and adventures here in Snowdonia National Park. I've learnt new skills and developed old ones (blogging is a great outlet for the natural chatterbox).

I have been lucky enough that 2 fellow female ML's and friends are always keen to brainstorm with me, join forces to both support and help each other as much as we can and contribute to the best guiding service's Wales has yet to see. Big claims I know ~ I am confident!

Together we are stronger

Gemma Davies is the beauty behind Snowdon Hikes and has been my mountain buddy through fog and bog. We trained together, assessed together and have shared endless hours wandering our wild home of Wales and beyond exploring together. To Awen she is Memma, so naturally she is our Mountain Memma ♡

Gemma making her first grade 2+ scramble look like a walk in the park.

Then the third member of our newly formed trio is Rebekah Uden the inspirational mountain mum behind Wilderness Wales. Calmly navigating her way through a life juggling mountain guiding, parenting and training as a firefighter amongst the long list there really are no limits to this wonder woman's skills.

So aside from admin and blogging, spending more time than I would normally on social media and setting up my new office (only to abandon it constantly to a temporary setup outside in favour of the stunning sunny weather we have been enjoying), what have I been doing to prepare myself for #lifeafterlockdown.

Fitness wise I have been enjoying exploring my local, lowland walks and hidden gems. Solo hiking or alternating with the children so as to spend quality time with each if them and focusing on improving their navigation skills.

I also got involved with a number of steps challenges with various sports influencers on social media such as Rory Southworth organising Wainwright races using the stairs in your house or garden or maybe even tables and plant pots to achieve elevation. The aim being to ascend your choice of steps enough times to equal the height of whatever summit he told us of at 6am each morning. From here I went on to do the Welsh 3000 with Jamie Miranda and a team which progressed to The Moroccan 3 Peaks with Marie Cheng .

My knees may be destroyed but my spirits are high.

I had already been pretty overwhelmed by how the entire globe has pulled together to fight this completely non discriminatory virus, so the community vibe and team spirit produced by this assembly of outdoor loving enthusiasts was brilliant.

I feel like I have truly befriended and bonded with a group of strangers who I now can't wait to add to my list of 'must meet up with' when health and well being allows us too.

Not to mention my now growing bucket list of things I want to do... Moroccan 3 peaks is up there along with returning to Nepal and tackling some Himalayan adventures.

Picture of Marie (far left ) organiser of Moroccan 3 Peaks trips through her company Three Peaks Africa.

While I have been so inspired and motivated by these wonderful people ,Gemma and I fell head over heels for the beautiful Pyrenees last year. After our short visit we decided that tackling none other than the Haute Pyrenees Route (HPR) is the obvious way to doubly celebrate becoming fully qualified mountain leaders and release from lockdown.

Keep an eye out for project #lockdown2HPR

Now though for the juicy temptation put before you right at the start ... finally, some of you might be thinking, unless of course you skipped right through. Also fine.

Competition Time

click on the image above and it will take you straight to the competion post ... follow the very simple instructions to be entered into our give away.

Not only will you be taken on an exciting, as of yet secret route but you get to take 2 of your best hiking buddies...a bigger treat than normal given its probably been a while since you have seen them.

Saving the best bit till last you will be acompanied by myself, Gemma of Snowdon Hikes and Rebekah, Wilderness Wales.

Go team!

Don't miss out on this, it truly is going to be one for the memory bank!

So much to look forward to, all good things come to those who wait. If you have any questions about this post or wish to share some of your amazing #postlockdownplans do leave me a comment here or find me on instagram @summit__seekers

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